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We provide information about the services that are provided by the Orthodox Catholic Church. Below are list of events that take place to help you be involved.


The Metropolitan Archdiocese Bulletin 9/12/10 SOC EACS

  • Karel Vorster Email - Clearly Brother Karel knew that the SOC was not under Rome and was a separate organization as this email indicates from 2010. We believe that he is upset because he was not ordained. He never completed seminary. He was also trying to get a Roman Catholic deacon to join us!

    +++David Leon


The Mass is held at the:

Northridge Care Center
7836 Reseda Blvd
Reseda, CA 91335

Sundays at 10:15AM
(Enter and ask for the priest.)

Church Services:

Overview of Mass, baptisms, weddings, clergy contact details.

Church Structure:

Saint Paul
Saint Paul
Introductory explanation of orthodox catholicism. How the SOC is governed. Other Churches in Communion.

Outreach and Ministries:

Saints Peter and Paul
Saints Peter and Paul
An overview of:
The Order of the Missionaries of Mercy
The Third Order of St. Mary
Order of Caring Chaplains (Inc)

Apostolic Orders of Chivalry:

An overview of what they are, with the example of Papal awards.

Professional Services:

An overview of the services offered, with fees, contact details