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David Leon Cooper

David Leon Cooper
David Leon Cooper

David Leon Cooper, Education:David is an Orthodox archbishop, pastoral counselor, college instructor and holistic center administrator. In addition to teaching, he conducts a nursing home ministry and oversees other clergy in the US and in several other countries.

Biographical Sketch
+++David Leon Cooper

Master of Science degree (MS) in Instructional Leadership in Educational Administration, National University, San Diego, CA, USA, "With Distinction" (4.0), 1992

Masters of Science in Alternative Medicine, MS (AM), Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, India, 2012. (Recognized by government of India and the UN)

Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN),  Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, India, 2011. (Recognized by the government of India and UN)

Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts, Excelsior College (formerly Regeants College), Albany, NY, USA, 1991.

Certification of Education in Western rite Orthodoxy (seminary), Duarte Costa University, School of Religion 1989, Altoona, PA, USA.  (No longer operating)

Certified Clinical Nutritionist (ACN), Southern California University of Health Sciences, (2013)

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David Leon Cooper is a college teacher, Orthodox archbishop and clinical nutritionist (CCN). He has in the past been a Director of Operations and consultant in the mental health field, a health care administrator (NHA), and public school teacher.

He is a graduate of a Western Orthodox (Orthodox Catholic) seminary and holds two master's degrees.

Cooper has traveled across the USA often to perform weddings and baptisms. Additionally, he has also traveled to Mexico and Japan for that work. His religious activity in the nursing homes was recognized by the California Assembly. He was also given a medal in Scientific Theology by an old royal family in Brazil. (It is recognized by the Brazilian Army.)

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