Orthodox Catholic Church

Chapel The Orthodox share the Catholic Faith. They are separated sister Catholic Churches. The terms Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christian are synonymous. There are independent Western Rite Orthodox jurisdictions all over the world.

The Spanish Orthodox Church and Ecumenical Apostolic Chaplain Service began in 1987, first as a service to those in nursing homes and then expanding into a broader mission to the Spanish-speaking community in Los Angeles. First under the late Metropolitan Archbishop, Miguel de Soto, and now under Metropolitan Archbishop David Leon Cooper, a Spanish liturgical capacity continues along with other church activities. Our name preserves our heritage.

Apostolic Succession:

Archbishop David L. CooperThe Apostolic Succession is the historically traceable lineage of hands-on Consecration (Ordination) of bishops that is an unbroken link with the Holy Apostles.

Our bishops have multiple lines of Apostolic Succession including schismatic Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Anglican as well as others. Our bishops and their Consecrating prelates (bishops) and those before them are to be found in the books of the so-called "books of irregular bishops" that are known to scholars of the Apostolic Succession.

Even if a bishop breaks with any Church of the Apostolic Succession such as Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Moscow, etc. he is still validly consecrated for life and may pass on the Apostolic Succession along with other such bishops. Holy Orders are indelible.  There are some who wish that this indelibility did not exist--but it does. We have valid Holy Orders and can prove it.

We are, technically speaking, "Western Rite Orthodox"; this means that we are Orthodox yet using one of the Western Rites for administration of the Sacraments. As Orthodox we are in the true spiritual meaning of the phrase, part of the "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church" as referred to in the Creed used by all Churches of the Apostolic Succession since 381 AD.

Archbishop David Cooper The term "Western Rite" indicates that Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Matrimony, Confession/Absolution, Confirmation and Holy Orders are performed in the Roman or Roman derived rituals. The term Orthodox means "straight teaching" or "true teaching" and was first used simultaneously by Rome, Constantinople and the Ancient Churches with them after the Fourth Ecumenical Council in Chalcedon in 451AD.

The term "catholic" means "universal" and has been used along with the term “Orthodox” since ancient times. The term “Catholic” has never been exclusively the property of the Church of Rome and it's ecclesiastic governmental divisions.

The SOC/EACS provides various ministerial services. Our Outreach Ministries provide the Mass and other Sacraments in nursing homes as a primary ministry. We will provide the Sacraments to any sincere follower of Jesus Christ. We have brothers, deacons, priests and bishops that regularly provide the Sacraments and will travel anywhere to do so.

The Spanish Orthodox Church and Ecumenical Apostolic Chaplains Service (SOC/EACS), "part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church", is an unincorporated association and is recognized as such by the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

We realize that some individuals are being denied the Sacraments from other churches. We try to help every individual that we can. You may contact our clergy directly:

Featured Members:

David Tate

Sir David Tate, OLS, KCTJ, KstG, PGK

  • Sir David Tate, OLS, KCTJ, KstG, PGK
  • Knight Commander, Third Order of the Lion of Styria, SOC EACS
  • Bailiff, Grand Council of the Sacred Magistery, Archdiocese of the Military Religious Order of Chivlary, SOC EACS
  • Knight Commander, Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
  • Knight, of the International Order Valiant of St. George
  • Past Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus
  • Diocesan Director, Knights of Columbus of Indiana
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Monsignor Charles Scheetz

Monsignor Charles Scheetz

  • Monsignor Charles Scheetz, OMM, MA, JD
  • Archpriest SOC EACS
  • High Desert Region, California
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Church History:  1992 - Los Angeles Daily News


Archbishop David Cooper at Chapel of St. Francis, Riverside
Archbishop David Cooper at
Chapel of St. Francis, Riverside
We are a conservative church and follow the morality common to the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. We follow the customs and traditions common to those churches and thus do not have female priests nor do we accept practicing gays in our priesthood. Again, we follow the same moral standards and practices as those ancient apostolic sister churches. We have love for everyone but do not ask us to change our faith and compromise our moral conscience.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling available. Call today: 818 390 1452. Counseling by a priest for problems in life.

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Father Jeffrey Dire, KTGA

Archbishop David Cooper at Chapel of St. Francis, Riverside
Father Jeffrey Dire, KTGA

Father Jeffrey Dire, KTGA
Priest, Chaplain
The Spanish Orthodox Church and Ecumenical Apostolic Chaplain Service
Chicago/Downers Grove, Il

Serving in a Mass Center for seniors and working with troubled souls in the metropolitan Chicago area.